Friday, December 19, 2008

You know what makes me laugh this time of year?

Things that make me laugh around the holidays:

**Watching white guys (sorry, but, it is true) get out on the dance floor at your corporate party and try to do the running man, because you still think that is "in"

**Trying to back out of a parking space (which happened to me a couple of days ago) and have two women right up on your tailgate to get your spot. One had a handicapped sign, the other had some other kind of sign going with her finger. They got so angry with each other, that I never got to get out of the parking space. Finally, I did...and I think the handicapped woman won...but, I do know some sign language and the other lady well...lets just say had some choice words.

**Why is it that my mother thinks because something is 75% off at a store, that she has to buy it for Christmas just for me. It is always those 1970 gold slippers. What is up with that? Or she buys me a Triple X Large Shirt because it was on sale. I am a Medium. She says, "well you never know when you might need it"

**Tell me please why people are so angry this time of year? If you go into a public setting...there are scowls, and anxiety from not buying that perfect gift, or stress from making 1000 perfect cupcakes or cookies. Somebody enlighten me.

**Why is that Christmas music starts Nov. 1st and by now, you want to throw a brick at your radio. That makes me laugh...

** The funniest thing about this Christmas has been this thing called "Elf on a Shelf". The premise is that the "Elf" has magical powers to move from room to room in the house. He is always watching you, so, he will tell Santa Clause what you have been up to. Our kids wake up and the first thing is to find "Buddy" (after Will Ferrells character Buddy in Elf) and they love it. But, for us...each night we (well, Blake) are scrambling to find the next hiding place. The things you will do....

But, what really makes me laugh this time of year is to watch our children. They LOVE Christmas and the decorations, lights, the whole nine yards. They remind me of everything that we need to do to prepare for Christmas as I am driving them to school.

"Mom...we can't forget to buy the cake stuff so we can make a cake for Jesus birthday. I am pretty sure he wants chocolate with red and green stuff on top".

"Mom, please don't forget to put out the food for the reindeer. Do you think they are going to need a water bowl, there is a lot of them?"

"Mom, I hope Buddy (the elf) doesn't tell Santa that I peed in my pants. Do you think he will tell him?"

It makes me laugh so hard. And watching our youngest son just sit right in front of the Christmas tree and stare and lightly touch the tree. He won't move for hours.

There is laughter in everything....look for it. It is there. Slow down when you are trying to find that parking spot. Who cares anyway? You will find another one. Don't worry so much about the gifts...make someone something from your heart, a picture book with your favorite pictures of them. That will be something what they keep around for a very long time. Don't kill yourselves over the cupcakes and cookies. The children will not care how pretty they were. They just care that it went into their bellies. And instead of getting yet another pair of gold slippers...I am just going to be grateful that I have my mom and dad here near me.

Just laugh...that is the greatest gift.

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