Monday, March 23, 2009

The Article on Invisibility and Ignoring might have been taken the wrong way...

When I wrote that article, it was in no way suggesting that everyone I know has not called me, or written or anything. Or anything that suggests that you haven't been there for me. Quite the contrary. I have gotten a lot of emails apologizing. Lord knows, I did not mean that. There is NOTHING to apologize for. It was really about me learning that we as people (especially me) get so wrapped up in our own lives, in our own Hurricane, and we ignore the world out there and we become invisible. Mainly due to our own self. For me, I wanted to become invisible, so that no one could see the real me, to see me looking sick. I soon became invisible to others because I allowed it. I did it to myself.

We are all consumed, wrapped up, and many are in the middle of our own Hurricanes of gigantic proportions. It becomes next to impossible to go and help a neighbor while they are in a middle of their own Hurricane. Because ours is too overwhelming. My article was more of an observation.

For me, I am going to try and get out of my own misery and look around and do what I can do for someone else. I think a lot of times that I don't have a lot to offer, because I am so limited. And I realize that I can do what other people do for me and helps me. And that is to send out notes to others to let them know I am there. Find encouraging words, let that person know that they are special and that everything is going to be ok. And one day, when I can drive again....I can get out and do things.

But, I believe that I have to stop being invisible and ignore others Hurricanes no matter how much is going on in mine. Most days, I don't feel like picking up the phone. But, it only takes a second to check in on someone even if they don't want to talk about their stuff. Or do what my dearest friend Greg is going for me. We have been friends for 20 years and he knows how much I love silly stuff and we used to crack up over so much that most people didn't find funny. He sends me hilarious videos. And I know that takes just a minute for him to do it. But, for me, when I open them up and soon...I am laughing out loud and my pain falls away. He has no idea that something that might seem small to him is huge to me. Or other friends send out a quick email to let me know they are there. There are no expectations for me to call back right away. Or like my husband...sends a sweet text during the middle of his crazy day. That is what I need to do for others to help me get out of my own storm.
That is really all I was trying to talk about in my article. Not saying people haven't been there for me. God knows, so many have.

But, I am learning how to get past my own craziness and trying to find how to help others stop feeling invisible and reach out as much as I can, even if it is something small and it can do what it has done for me....stop being invisible and it helps more than anyone can know. I hope that makes sense.

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