Thursday, March 5, 2009

The National Initiative for Girls On Body Image and Self-Esteem.

I know I have sent out a lot of requests for you to join this cause. I have a lot of causes that I am passionate about. But, this one hits home for me. As two of our three children are little girls. I have already heard our 8 year old ask if she was fat. I was mortified. She is exceptionally tall for her age just like I was. She is growing at an alarming rate. At least for me it is. I did not expect to be ready for so many talks so soon. We try to talk about health and how our body needs to be fed good things so we can be stronger, think stronger, and live a longer life. It is hard to combat that with all the negative chatter at school.

Our oldest is very much into dancing, theater and believe it or not, she is already wanting to start her own fashion label. She draws the clothes. We encourage her talents as long as she can keep her feet on the ground.

It is up to us, to talk to every little girl in our lives that they are worthy, smart, capable and to help them be comfortable in their own shoes. Talk to them about what beauty really is. It is what resides in their heart. Because looks will age, but, the beauty that we carry on the inside lives on forever. That is what you are remembered for. We want the next generation of girls (Women) to believe that they can do anything they want in this world. We stop talking about weight, STOP talking about diets, instead teach them about health. Find their talents and help them to succeed in their dreams. Scratch the word "can't"..we don't allow it in our home. We say "It is hard"...Yes, it is hard..but, lets think of a solution.

I am not perfect, I was and still am at times a girl who suffered from low self esteem because I listened to the chatter. I heard the word "Can't" and I gave up. I blame no one. Because, our parents, grandparents and others were only doing what they learned. But, it is our chance to break the chain. We can help these girls believe in their self worth.

Help them reach for their dreams in confidence. Thank you for reading.


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