Monday, April 6, 2009

The Kindness of Others

I will write more later as to everything that has gone on. I am trying to let so many people know how much we appreciate them individually, but, it takes me a long time to get thoughts out sometimes. So, for right now...I am thanking all of you!

I have to say that I (we) are so overwhelmed and humbled at what people have done for us. Our church has going over and beyond what anyone needs to do. Friends from everywhere have done amazing things, My brother and sister who live here...all that they have done for my children. My other sister from Florida is driving all the way up from Florida to be with me and the kids this week to help me put some sort of order back in my life. My parents....OMG.....they have done everything for us. My in-laws who live far away have been there for me too. I am so so blessed to have in-laws like I do. It is a dream not many people get to have. My friends...oh my...I don't even know where to start with my gratefulness. My neighbors have shown me so much kindness and some don't even know me. Mothers from our children's school, helping us with play dates. Not to mention an Angel that talked to the YMCA (without us knowing) and got our children into camp during track out. And my FB friends....Good gosh....I never knew what a tremendous group of people that I have met.

I can go on and on.. kindness comes in so many forms.... prayer, a smile, something that makes me laugh, a book of encouragement, letting me sob on the other end of the line, let me vent..then I am done. Accepting me for me.. That means so much!!! The other amazing acts of kindness is just as amazing, the food, the help with the house. My two closest friends are getting my hair done for me. Sounds so vain, right? Not for me. I have lost a lot of hair, it is brittle, and I am embarrassed. For women, just having your hair and nails done means soooo much.

And Lorien, a dear person, friend who brought our son and us together...thank you for what you have done. It is unreal. Thank you.

What I am saying is...Thank you to so many. God has blessed me and my family beyond measure. And this is something that I want to pass on to you.... no matter if your problem seems small or it feels I always say a Hurricane is a Hurricane. Nothing is too small.

Learn how to raise your hand and say "Help" and let go of your pride and your embarrassment, or whatever it is and let go. There are so many people out there that want to be helped. This is an area I am still working on. And I realize that i can help others to the best of my ability. An old friend told me that "here is my capacity to be able to help. I am on the road a lot, and I can talk on the phone or you can come over here and cry on my shoulder" THAT was huge for me. Because, it showed me the same. I automatically think that I cannot do anything for anyone. But, I can. I let them know what my capacity is and help in that way.

Pay it forward...Pay it forward....

P.S. I will do my best to thank you when I accept my Academy Award one day. are crazy if you think I am giving up on my dreams. :)

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