Saturday, May 16, 2009


I share with you some of the most inspirational videos that have affected my life. It reminds me to keep on going, to never give up on my dreams. To believe even when all the odds are against me...these are some of the videos that help keep me going. I am a big fan for the Underdog. The one that everyone said it could not be done. And they showed the world that they indeed could. I am that Underdog. I will fall, but, I have and will get back up and will keep on going even if I have to crawl across the finish line. My day will come. It may not be what I planned...but, I have a good feeling that the Master Artist knows where my talents lie and He will show me the way. That is not cockiness, that is Faith and Perseverance. The days may add onto my life. But, I will never give up on my dreams until the final whistle has been blown.

I believe that we cannot make it across the finish line without help. This is so proper for this moment in my life. Because, it is all of you, family, friends, everyone that is helping me cross that finish line.

When you feel your confidence is gone and everyone told you that you couldn't do it. Just.....


When you have been told that you had a curse on you for 86 years and everyone else believed. They believed it would someday happen.

(You don't have to love sports to understand what that day meant. Sweet Caroline is their theme song for my across the pond friends. It was not sung for me :(

When you cannot walk on your own, no matter how daunting or incomprehensible your dream may be..... you will be picked up to cross the finish line.

Sometimes, it may take awhile. But, you will be rewarded for your work. It is your time to break through the


When you have been told that "chasing your stupid dreams causes everyone around you heartache" Focus on the prize and prove them wrong. That is what people told me growing up about my acting and writing passion. I am still working on proving them wrong. :)

This speech has just as much meaning to our life as it is to football.

When you were a little girl who grew up in painful times. She kept on believing. She never gave up.

And Remember to NEVER, EVER GIVE UP no matter what obstacles are before you..

Let us all help each other remember that it is never, ever too late to give up on our matter how hard the storm is surrounding you. It takes a village to help you to your dreams. Allow the village to help.

Let others help you across the finish line. When you believe, great things will happen.

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