Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Good News or The Bad News

People tend to want to say "Would you like to hear the good news first or the bad news?" NO...I do not want to hear the bad news. Does anyone? But, that is of course living in the land of denial.

I always like to hear the good news. Sometimes, I close my ears off to the bad stuff. Like a little kid putting their hands over their ears going "Lalalalalalla I can't hear you)!!

So, here is the good news going on with me in my ongoing medical/life journey.

We found a new home. One that is perfect for us. We are thrilled beyond words. We are renting a home, and due to the economy, our landlords have or are going into foreclosure. Anyway, back to the good news. It is half of what our house is now. And you know what? I am THRILLED!!!! We have friends, neighbors all helping us to downsize our home drastically. I can't wait, because it is like a new beginning. I want all the "stuff" gone and the bare essentials that bring calm to our new house. I want the chaos out and having a non-cluttered home. I want to move in with the bare essentials as much as possible. Trust me when I say chaos, especially when there is no haven to come home does not help the healing process.

I was able to see our 8 year old (she will remind you that you are wrong...that she will be 9 in a couple of weeks) But, she has been in a program for two semesters now called Live On Stage at the NC Theatre. I was there for her performance and my heart just jumped out. She is such a natural. She is in her element. We never push our children to do something they don't want. But, when we see a natural talent...I believe we as parents, mentors, teachers, etc. need to help bring out their natural talents.

I had a neighbor who I consider a friend come over this morning and within 45 minutes she was able to clear things out of the garage that we couldn't do in 6 months . I AM BLESSED!

We have people that don't even know us and others that we went to college with back in the day coming to our aid. Just because of Facebook, people had offered to help so much there too. Especially, one friend from college who went over and beyond what her and her husband should have ever done. But, we are SOOOOOO grateful for them getting me back to Cleveland Clinic.

We have friends who want to do an online fundraiser for us. Which is amazing! Food, prayers, just an email has been huge to us.

I am learning so much during what I call this Hurricane. I realize now what is important. Keeping the positive people, healthy around me. Now, I recognize there are times when there are times you cannot cut out certain people. But, to the best of my abilities...I am trying so hard to keep the stress down. Thus looking at the new house was a god-send and this time getting help. We usually don't ask....but, we are asking the whole world to help us now.

The biggest thing ever is how much I have learned is that I could not live without God..I just recently became a Christian again.

And it has changed my husband and I. We feel like if can make it through this storm, we can make it through anything. It has made us stronger people. And our children, when I see their faces...and they run towards is the best moments in the world. Because, in their eyes, I am still there Mommy. They love me unconditionally. They do not care about the worldly things. They just want me. Even when they act like they don't :)

I have met amazing people in the hospitals, and all the appointments. To hear their stories, inspire me beyond belief.

I am truly blessed.

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