Saturday, May 16, 2009

When I woke up today...this is what I found..

My BFAM (brother from another Mother) It is a term that I use when I am friends with someone that means a lot to me. My real worries. Nobody is taking your status as my Brother, best friend, and one of the best people that I know., put your gloves down :)

I woke up today and was so confused. I almost tripped myself getting out of bed. No one was around. I was thinking it was Sunday and I had no idea how I missed so much time. Well, maybe pure exhaustion. But, even then!! My heart was pounding because I had no idea where my children were nor my husband. A brief thought came through my head "they are sick of me...they ran off". Then, my husband comes in with my favorite coffee and tells me he loves me. My son jumped on me to tells me that I was the best Mommy in the world. Blake told me that it was Saturday and the girls were at my parents. At first, I thought I was going to cry because I thought "OMG" I have a tumor in my brain!!! But, then laughed my head off after he told me that he thought it was a work day. SO....we are all good!!! It was my normal blonde moment. No tumor :)

What I was trying to tell you (I am an ADHD writer) is that my friend Johnny (BFAM) sent this to me today and it filled me with hope. Hope is something I had begun to lack in this journey. This was the best medicine for me.....So, I share it with you.

Have an awesome can still have awesome days in the Storm. Believe me. When you think you are never ever going to laugh again or smile again or have happy happens when you least expect it...

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