Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get up and walk in the eye of a Hurricane

After being in the hospital for most of the week and coming home and turning around going back in. I came home last night.

You know what the best thing about coming home besides the obvious of being with my children and husband. Well, it is the small things. The smell of my home, my comfortable bed, my pillows, my shower, my dog who is slobbery and a cat who is the size of real life cheetah. No matter how messy the house is our home. I didn't care if it looked like a hurricane hit it. We are in the process of packing for our move. It is home. And I am loved here.

We are in the eye of the Hurricane right now. But, today, this Sunday morning, no matter how I is the baby steps. And that is getting up, getting dressed and getting out into the sun. I cannot tell you what will happen in the next second or minute. Who can? But, slowly...I have to find a way to get up from the boxing ring that I have lived in now for so long and grab on to the side of the ropes and put my gloves back on. Regardless of how bloody or how painful it is...

You always have to get matter what and put your boxing gloves on. You might be weak. But, the weak become mighty. I will be mighty again.

Life has to go on.

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