Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sex and the City

I have no logical, rational reason for watching that movie as much as I do. But, I know what it is for me. It is about friends...being real. Sure, parts of it is about fashion and how I would give my left toe to wear some of the outfits just once!!! But, the draw for me really is about real friends.

Since I have gotten really sick this last time and felt very lost, my husband has rallied and found some of the closest people that I know (unbeknown) to me to write, call or come and see me. He finally told me what he had been up to. Funny thing is...I was writing the same people at the same time.

I had a dear friend come to the hospital to see me and it meant everything. Today, she came with her sister (who both of them are close college friends) and they came all the way down to bring food, and mainly laughter. I saw them and I cried like a baby. For one to drive all the way down from Virginia for me and to my other friend to do all she did too....I couldn't believe that they did it for me. Tomorrow, my best friend and my other close friends are driving from Charlotte just to cheer me on and to see me. Last weekend, neighbors spend half of their day just to help me. One of my closest friends from CA, now in SC is hopefully coming next week. Friends with words of encouragement and harsh words that were meant in love to help. I feel so lucky and it humbles me to the core.

Thank you Blake for such a special gift. It is bringing me energy to keep fighting.

Real friends don't tell you what you want to hear. They tell you what they need you to hear. And those are the friends that have come forward. I needed that. God, i needed this.

I needed to know that not only my husband and children were behind me, my family, but, my friends. And to know that....I can get on that plane by myself and face whatever it is that I have to face in Cleveland, Ohio in a week. I am ready for health.....I will be 40 in June and I want a big blow out with my more sickness. Just health. So....I thank my army behind me.....I am ready now to fight and fight hard.

Thanks for giving me the strength and saying it like it is.... I love you all....

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