Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why the Oscar's are so HUGE for me...

Today is a huge day for me. Not many, if any, could truly understand what today means for me.

Many of you have heard my story over and over when I was six years old. I wrote my Academy Award Speech. It was pretty, barely readable, and I am sure it was in crayon. But, I wrote it. I put on a fancy dress (the actual dress of the day that I wrote my speech is the picture on here) and well, frankly snuck into my Mother's dresser and put on her clip on earrings and put on her makeup..(Quite frankly I looked more like I was in a horror movie after I was done). I went back to my room and took a chair in there. I stood on it and proceeded to thank everyone for allowing me to accept this award. I laugh now at the notion of it. Because I see the Little me being so serious talking to my baby dolls and stuffed animals and I was all of six years old.

I remember waiting for the paper to come out after the Oscars so that I could cut out the pictures and glued them in my little book that I kept.

Why is the Oscars so important to me? Because my entire life, I thought that is where I belonged. Writing or acting, one day being one of the few female directors, making people laugh, cry, feel...feel anything. I believed/believe that I am meant to tell stories of others that would other wise never be told. We all have a story. I want to write a movie that will make you think. Movies that will rock you to the core, Movies that will make you laugh so hard, Movies that will make you see so much of yourself in the characters, Movies that will take you away from reality and into a world that you have never explored.

The Oscars represent so much to me. I don't care about the Paparazzi, I could care less about the fame (in fact, I would steer away from it) But, it is about the ART. So many people are involved in making a movie. And each role is so important. The writer is the one who comes up with the story, the actor takes the baton and portrays the characters taken from the pages of the writer. Then there is the Director who takes the baton and has to have the eyes, the ears and orchestrates the whole thing. But, then there are hundreds of other people that have to come together to make the magic happen. A lot are behind the scenes, a lot on the side, a lot in front. But, when the magic really happens is when the entire team comes together and is in sync and Art begins to blossom.

The Oscars mean to me the ultimate dream. The ultimate award for the work that helped create a world that many of us will never know and take us away from our everyday lives. It is the ultimate award to give to a person to thank them for helping bring the magic to the screen and for a moment in time, giving the audience a glimpse into another world.

I may be in my 30's now. But, I believe just as much as I did when I was that little girl that one day I will be on that stage. I will never stop believing that. It is not because I am cocky, it is because...I still believe. I still believe that miracles can still come true. Until the last breath leaves my body...I will be striving to bring the magic to the world. And I never have and never will stop believing in Miracles.

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