Monday, November 24, 2008


Rejection comes in so many different forms. It can create a storm or a tremendous fear of ever trying to put your foot in the water ever again.

No matter how high your confidence level...there still is a fear in the back of your mind of that nasty word "rejection." I know so many people act like rejection doesn't even cross their mind. But, I pause to wonder if they are faking it or really they just don't care. I wished I could be the latter.

Interviewing for a job: We have all been there, worrying that we look our best, did our breath smell?, did we smile enough? did we pass the SAT that they give you now or the Personality Test? Did we survive the grueling recruiter that looks like Helga who could break every bone in your body? You walk away having no clue how the interview went. You wait by the phone as if the phone holds the key to your entire life. Days pass, weeks pass and you send the nice follow up email. You get the answer that the job has been put on hold. Then the call comes, and they tell you they found another candidate. You sit back and analyze the entire interview. Trust me, you will never find the answer. The rejection stings, but, you have to make the choice to sit in the rejection pool or go swimming in the "Next!!!" pool. Don't sit in the rejection pool, it's muddy and stinky

Family: The place where you least expect to get rejected. But, it happens. Sometimes, we reach out and get bitten. It makes you less inclined to try again. I end up saying "I am great" so that I don't have to get a lecture. Or your immediate family. Your children say things that cut through the heart and you have to not take it personal. Sometimes, your significant other walks right past you when you finally have put on a nice outfit, hair done, makeup...the works. But, he never notices. That is rejection, intentional or not

Friends: This is true for new and old friends. Making friends when you get older is not as easy as it once was. And the old friends have their lives and it is hard for me to put my foot back in there. I used to be so outgoing and had no fear (very little) fear of meeting people. But, is different. Especially being sick for so long. I shut a lot of people out because I didn't want anyone to see me like I was or I didn't want anyone's pity. So, in my case...I suppose I am the one that rejected many people unintentionally. I realize now that I hurt a few friends (they told me) and I was completely oblivious living in my own world.

Rejection hurts. But, if you try real hard to disconnect yourself from that feeling. Your head will take over and realize that maybe something really is going on in that persons life. It isn't all about you. Maybe it is the timing in a persons life...who knows? But, try not to get boggled down in the rejection part. Get up, get busy, and do what you are passionate about. One day, those that reject you will either come to their senses or they just don't have any sense at all :)

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