Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thinking about my Dad tonight

My father has overcome so many odds. We all call him "Teflon". Tomorrow morning at 6:15 am, he will have open heart surgery. Everyone says to me "Oh, it is just routine surgery". Hmmm...still doesn't bring the comfort that it should. My dad currently has 12 stints in his heart as it is. When he went to the hospital the other day, they found 3 more closed up and this time, there was no more putting in stints. He called me a couple of times today to confess that he was scared. And now, it was my turn to cheer him on and tell him it will be alright. He has been doing that for me for the past year, every time I was in the hospital and for every surgery.

My dad is an amputee, cancer survivor, diabetic, and obviously has some heart problems. Each time, he has come out swinging. He just keeps on going.

Talk about finding laughter through the Storms... My dad and I have learned to joke about his prostetic leg and we play pranks on the family with his leg. I know it sounds sick to you...but, when it happens to have to find some laughter. Our kids LOVE riding on his wheelie...... He just got this new leg that bends every which way. See, he is here with our daugther and he is always joking around. He turned his leg all the way around to rest his arm. We all laugh at his jokes in the family. But, not everyone else on the outside gets it.

It is still strange after all these years when he says to me "Hey, will you grab my leg for me, it is against the closet". I shake my head everytime laughing....only in my family would we have these conversations. It is hard on him being an amputee. For instance, at the State Fair, he had his wheelie and his prostetic leg on...and our son decides he doesn't want to walk anymore. So, he loves to ride with his "Pa". But, dad was coming out of one of those non-handicapped quick burger place and he leaned too far forward and the wheelie (chair) flipped and at that moment, my dads leg went flying and he did the stop, drop and roll with my son. Nikolai was fine. But, my dad was so embarrassed and scratched up pretty good. Here he had his prostetic leg on the ground, his wheelie knocked over and a wonderful stranger picking him off the ground to help him back in his chair. I was grateful, because most people don't treat amputees with the respect they deserve. He always gets the stares. It always surprises me about people.

He called to tell me about his fall and I felt so bad for him. But, after a few days as we always do...we laugh about it. I say "Lord dad, good thing your leg didn't knock someone upset the head!" He always has a come back for me too.

He is scared tonight and he just called to ask me to read scripture to him. I felt honored. And in his joking way, he told me good night and he was going to ask for the best drugs available to put him to sleep tonight. I said I would bring over some vodka.... He said "young lady you know I don't drink!!" My mom doesn't always get our humor. But that is ok.... we get it.

He is a rock star and he will do amazing tomorrow..... please pray for him and My Mom too who is having her own health problems.

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