Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dedication to my sisters.....

"Sisters are for sharing laughter and wiping tears."
Author Unknown

I wrote this Note earlier and thought that I had all the perfect words to say. But, wouldn't you know that I touched the wrong button and lost everything. So, let me try again.

My sisters learned yesterday that their birth father passed away. There were a lot of mixed emotions. It was strange for me too. Because never ever in my life have I thought of my sisters as half sisters. They are a part of me through and through. They never really knew this man, but, I highly respect them for going to his funeral to pay their respects and to be their for our Aunt and Uncle.

Growing up, I thought that I had 3 sets of Grandparents, An extra set of Aunt and Uncles. I figured whatever they had, I did too. Still to this day, I call them my Aunt and Uncle...even though that are in no way related to me.

My sisters are my heart and soul and my best friends. They are beautiful (both inside and out) women, intelligent, caring, strong and amazing women. I am proud to be called their sister. I am just as proud to call my brother.... we are all there for the other. Not many people have that in this world. We have been through everything together.

As my sisters make the trek to the funeral this weekend..I want them to know that they are carrying my heart with them. It is like we are quadruplets. Whenever one hurts...I hurt. One cries...I cry. And when they feel joy....I feel that same joy.

This man helped bring my sisters into this world. I am with my mom on this one...for that I am incredibly grateful. But, because you were a participant in helping bring a child into this world does not automatically win you a "Father" Badge. The only Daddy they have known is the one that all four of us have. He is their "Daddy".

To my sweet sisters...I love you more than words can say. If I could, I would go up there with you and sit right in the middle and give you a part of my shirt to cry on (no snot please), or a shoulder to lean on or use me as a punching bag if you get angry. Regardless, you are carrying my heart with you. I know that this will be a strange weekend for you both...mixed with many emotions.

I love you both more than words can say. I am so blessed to have you and our brother as siblings. Because you are so much more than are my best friends.

My heart is with you and all of my love....

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