Friday, January 2, 2009

The Master Artist

As I write this post, I am in my favorite place on earth. Sitting on white sand looking out at the ocean while the sunbeams skip across the water. It is as if a million diamonds were playfully dancing and simply just teasing me.

I sit there and stare at the majesty of the water. I feel honored to be in its presence. I have had a love affair with the ocean before I could even walk. It calms my soul and I feel at peace with myself and the world. I listen to the waves crash. It is a melody of music that no man could ever re-create.

When I've ever felt lost or alone in my life....I seek out a beautiful body of water. Here I am today with the breeze touching my face ever so gently as if it were God Himself speaking to me. In fact, I know He is here. I feel Him all around me.

I am enveloped by the awesomeness of it it all. It feels like a warm blanket of paradise and love. I write when I am at the beach. I feel like I am at home. This is the only place where my spirit is truly free. The glassy water mirrors my soul, content and shimmering.

I believe that God hears me here. I am so at peace. The gratitude pours out of me just as the waves crash and come and go so seamlessly. This is where I am able to regenerate and cleanse my heart and mind. Whenever I have been in pain and sorrow, I would sit by the water and write on a sheet of paper all the pain and the names of the people that hurt me. I would literally put it in a bottle and throw it as hard as I could. The sea knew to take it and wash it away.

I feel whole again and I watch the sun disappear ever so slowly behind the horizon. As I turn to walk back with my heart full, I feel a gentle tap. I slowly turn around to see the gift that I had just been given.

The Master Artist had painted the sky with His palette of colors against a backdrop of blue. I stand in awe and look around for miles and there is no one there but me. I look out at the ocean as it soaks in all of the colors. I smile because I know this gift was meant for me.

I sit back on the sand and feel my body and mind completely at peace. I feel the questions that I had in my head were answered. I am healing.

I shed a tear and at that moment, a wave slowly crashes ever so gently in front of me and takes the tear back out to sea.

I smile because I know I was just in the presence of the Master Artist.

***This was the actual view at the beach where I was*****

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